Financial Videos

We are providing you with professionally produced 5-10 minute videos and 1-2 minute vignettes videos which convey important financial concepts that you need to know, like retirement planning, mortgage strategies, Qualified Plan trade offs, and the power of asset access.  They will undoubtedly stimulate questions.  Send us an Email, or call.


Wealth & Wisdom – Money Matrix


Wealth & Wisdom – Transfers Of Wealth


Wealth & Wisdom – The Next 3000 Days


Wealth & Wisdom – An Uneasy Awareness


Wealth & Wisdom – Qualified Plans


Wealth & Wisdom – The Defining Moment


Wealth & Wisdom – The Business of Learning


Wealth & Wisdom – Owning a Home


Wealth & Wisdom – Taxes


Wealth & Wisdom – The Family Legacy


Wealth & Wisdom – Misguided Wisdom


Wealth & Wisdom – The Thought Process


Wealth & Wisdom – Insurance


Wealth & Wisdom – The Charitable Legacy


College Funding – How Will I Pay For College


College Funding – Expected Family Contribution


College Funding – Sticker Price


College Funding – The Importance of Planning


10 Minute Lesson


Circle of Wealth


Club vs. Swing


College Funding




Personal Economic Model


Private Reserve Strategy


Qualified Plans


Retirement – Are You Ready?


Your Bank